Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I Wanna Be a Congressman

These facts aren't bruited about nearly enough:
Congressmen (shut up, PCs) have a yearly salary of $174,000.

Congress is in session only 126 scheduled days leaving these poor, pampered darlings 239 days off to amuse themselves. That works out to $1,380.90 per day for going to work.

Meanwhile we newsreaders have just learned that the US Treasury during the last 10 to 15 years has paid out $15 million in settlement of sexual harassment charges against Congressmen. 

Pause for a moment to reflect on this. 

I would add that no wonder so many of them are happy handed - if charged by some toothsome little girl, no worries, man!  Government will pay!  And enterprising bimbos - up the payout!  What the hell - it's not like payment is going to come from the offenders pocket!  Mercy no! 

But maybe the Pentagon's offer to soldiers - a free sex change surgery - is better in some circles.

It's a real competition for "government" funding to see who can make the most - and not for us taxpayers either.

And by the way, if all of these charged males (and the odd female - literally) are apparently doing nothing with their days other than chasing and catching women, who's making the movies, putting on the plays, funding the documentaries - oh, and voting legislature? 

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