Friday, November 11, 2016

The Traditional Thanksgiving Pie ISN'T Pumpkin?

Great Caesar's ghost - hand me my smelling salts!  And this is why I am half-fainting right here at the keyboard.  Briefly - I came across what I thought of as a lovely compromise pie (more of which in a minute) and, spurred on as always, to be accurate I delved into the online belly of the beast known as Google.  I wanted to make sure that pumpkin was  the pie of tradition and, more importantly, by how much.

Brace yourselves:

Apple 20%
Strawberry 19%  (and don't mortgage the house to pay for them in the Northeast)
Pumpkin (a respectable third) 16%
Cherry 13%
Blueberry 9%
Pecan and Lemon Meringue tied at 8%
Chocolate 5% in

Unwelcome statistics indeed.  And here I thought I'd found the perfect compromise...

Layer by layer, we discover - bottom layer, the crust of choice  (store-bought Graham cracker here)
Spread carefully over it, the pumpkin mixture, all smoothed out to receive the final layer - the pecan mixture  gently made to nestle atop the pumpkin. 

This would have seemed to be a nearly perfect finish to the traditional turkey dinner.  Especially since pumpkin is 16th in popularity and pecan 8% for a total of 24%.  Take that apple pie.

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