Thursday, November 24, 2016


The Daily Breeze ran an article on the front page about how to have a serene T-Day.  Some shrink opined that you declare "politics free" zones in your house or, if you don't do that, simply say that today is a happy day and let's not get all angry and stompy foot about the recent election.

Naturally I took umbrage at being directed as to how to behave in my own house.  You could expect that from me, right?  In point of fact, we are only having one guest - a very dear friend - and we've been friends for so long that we know well that there is no need to discuss the election.  We all know exactly where we stand.

In other instances, I have merely said (calmly) "I won't discuss politics with you" and deftly switched the conversation onto something else.  A soft answer turneth away wrath and all that. 

In any event, full-scale war or a relaxing, lengthy meal - HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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