Friday, November 4, 2016

Italians Up In Arms - Mayor Proclaims Turin "Meat-free" City

Chiara Appendino, 32, is the 20th Mayor of Turin and is promoting her fiefdom as a "meat-free city."

If you've booked to include Turin on a tour of Italy, don't panic yet as it hasn't fully happened although the meat vendors of their local stock are not exactly pleased.  Meaning that you can still buy a salume (and bread) for a picnic without having to cross a picket line or be exposed to incoming fire from disgruntled carnivores. 

Appendino's five year plan has not yet been fully explained, but it is thought to contain educating school children on the horrors of a meatball as well as putting out a vegetarian-friendly tourist map for visiting veggie enthusiasts.  No decision on which day will be declared "meat free" nor even if it will be a once a week/month/year event.

Feelings are running high.  Vegan enthusiasts are happy, meat eaters are horrified that a centuries old diet that includes various salume may be lost.  (No more pepperoni) Some scoff that it is merely a fad among the young; others have remarked that they have seen the aged going vegetarian for health reasons.

And you thought our Presidential election means something.    I can imagine bumper stickers there "You'll rip this mortadella out of my cold dead hands!"  That's serious.  No prosciutto indeed.

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