Sunday, November 27, 2016

And Alaska Cried, "Whoa!"

Conde Nast Traveler may have picked the wrong place to diss.  In an article in the December issue, they lauded the sport of dog sledding for the tourist.  "... here are a few of the best dogsledding excursions out there.  Mush!" and promptly listed Greenland, Canada and Sweden!

I immediately took great umbrage and even though I've never been to Alaska, I thought packing Americans off to foreign lands was both snobbish and anti-American financially. 

Since I have a cousin and his family living in Anchorage, I was really annoyed for them.  Family solidarity rules!

Here are few of the many listings online where one can dog sled and promote the US economy - Alaska:  Seward, Healy, Fairbanks to name a few.  What about Ely, MN or Montana - or Maine which is, East Coasters, your side of the country. 

But still Alaska should have led their list.  Did you know that mail delivery by dog sled was routine until 1963?  I didn't either.  I wondered if at Christmas the mail person was offered a refreshing hot drink - and the dogs a nice bone apiece?  For later - don't eat and chew!  Bad for the digestion and you have to run again tomorrow.

Back to our moutons - the mag did offer these semi-helpful tidbits - bring a pair of ski goggles or sun glasses - it's so cold that your eyes will tear up and the resulting liquid will freeze your lashes together.  And your eye lids shut.  You'll be driving blind, but no worries.  The dogs know. 

The other great hint was that no matter how well you are bundled up, sitting for hours will still cause you to be cold (and no doubt stiff) so stop the dogs, get out and jog alongside for a while. 

Or limp along, as the case may be.  But do it in Alaska!

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