Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Bits of Stuffing

A good friend remarked on the fact that on Black Friday many people go shopping, scrambling for bargains, rudely shoving each other to get to the good stuff - when the day before they were all (presumably) being vocally thankful for all of the stuff they already have.  Ironic, no?

Letters to the Editor, Daily Breeze 11/23/16

Grow Up and Get Over It
He won; she lost.  Get over it.  Republicans had eight years of an Obama presidency.  He was not liked by us (in fact, he was abhorred) but we acted like adults and just got on with it.  Too bad some young Democrats can't do the same.

Nina Murphy
Redondo Beach

Our good friend "D" is joining us tomorrow and he is bringing the famous Bromberek Cranberry Sauce.  This is made from a generations old secret family recipe.  I plan to over serve him champagne (rich man's Alka-Seltzer) and worm it out of him.  Champagne has marvelous powers... not least of which is making the drinker willing to share all kinds of secrets.  Take your tape recorder to the dinner table.

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