Monday, November 7, 2016

Hanging Chads...

Birthday Treat
Evangelist Billy Graham is 98 today, November 7th.  No great public celebration is planned said son Franklin.  Franklin went on to say that Billy has hearing and vision problems, but that if he does hear what you said, his response will show that he "got it." 

Billy and his wife were married for 64 years and apparently obeying God's directive - "Go forth and multiply" - they did with five children, 19 grandkids and "numerous" great-grandchildren.  As Billy is said to have reached 215 million people in 185 countries, this could be considered rather remarkable as in when the hell was he home? 

The interviewer asked Franklin about the birthday dinner and was told it would be out of cans - Vienna sausages and cold pork and beans.  Franklin said those were the great treats of his childhood.  Additionally, he will receive his favorite birthday cake - "one of those cheap supermarket cakes with lard icing." 

Personally, I think God could have rewarded such a faithful parishioner with a little better than that, but God knows what He's doing. 

Celebrities Leaving if Trump Is Elected
I have always loved it when actors get involved in politics because they make such asses of themselves.   They have day jobs (most of the time) but that's not enough for them.    Hold your breath no longer, this is who says we'll be waving "Bye bye" to as they scuttle off to distant shores.

Cher - the planet Jupiter
Jon Stewart - a new planet (please let NASA know if there is one)
Chelsea Handler to Spain; Amy Schumer said she wants to be her neighbor there.  Heads up, Spanish realtors!
Barbra Streisand - Australia
George Lopez - Mexico (no immigration jokes, please)
Ruth Bader Ginsberg, esteemed (until now) Supreme Court judge to New Zealand
The Reverend Al Sharpton who fears deportation of Trump gets in.  If for no other reason at all, if Sharpton isn't lying (occupational hazard) then Go Donald!

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