Friday, April 22, 2016

The News Isn't What It Used To Be

What Purple Rain?!
The artist formerly known as some kind of invented symbol was found dead in an elevator in his industrial-like looking home.  The ensuing foo-fa-rah has been unbelievable to a person (me) who rarely gave him any thought at all after his initial splash.  Not because I didn't like him or his music, but because I couldn't figure out what the hell he/it was.  He was tiny (5 ft. 2 in.;) he wore lots of eye make-up - Gender confusion? - and high heels.  This last was understandable vis-à-vis his height.  But the sequins?   He looked vaguely Spanish to me, but it turns out that he identified as black. 
He loved the ladies and his list of conquests was considerable.  "Toy boy"?  He was a devout Jehovah's Witness, who didn't drink alcohol but the last shot of him alive was leaving a pharmacy.

Whoever you were, Prince, Rest In Peace. 

Gender Nonsense
This furor about public bathroom use among every sex - male, female, gay, straight and transgender has gotten way out of hand.  I looked it up and of the estimated 135,367 transgender persons, 65 per cent identified as male and 35 per cent as women.  The entire US population is 318.9 million.  The tail wags the dog? 

These are Social Security figures based on name changes from one sex to another due to the necessity of having matching documents for such things as passports and other legal documents. 

I am appalled at the number of hysterical comments by writers suggesting that transgenders are sexual predators toward children.  Predators come in every sexual possibility there is and, given the number of US citizens vs. transgenders or gays, the figures have to skew toward "normal" people. 

A Simple Public Bathroom Fix
Retrofit every big public bathroom (several stalls) with floor to ceiling walls and doors and label the main door Unisex.  This is routinely done in Europe and no one seems to squeak in alarm.

And, Finally, the Most Ridiculous of All of the Above
A kindergarten sent out questionnaires for incoming 4 year olds asking parents with which sex their 4 year old identified. 

In case you haven't noticed - having been busy with other much more vital issues - we now live in a very strange world. 

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