Thursday, April 28, 2016

France Steals from Domino's Pizza

Who says the French always have to be original?  That they look down their large Gallic noses at All Things American?  That they don't enjoy competition?  Domino's time limit is 30 minutes; theirs is 15 minutes. 

Not the Ibis Hotel chain (1,700 in number.)  The following copy is from a single sheet brochure in the room that I discovered while packing to fly home.  Yes, quite typical actually ...

"We are committed to providing quality service to guarantee you the greatest possible comfort every day.  (They could pay my bill; that would be comforting.)

"So if a little hitch threatens to cloud your stay, do not hesitate in letting us know at any time, day or night.

"It's really simple:  We have 15 minutes on the clock to sort out a problem we are responsible for.  And if we don't succeed in that time, you will be our guest.  (I think they blacked out the wrong thought here...)

"The 15-minute satisfaction guarantee applies to breakfast, your room, the Ibis snack bar or indeed the drinks bar.

"But sadly we can't make any promise about the weather."

Fair enough, non?  

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