Friday, April 1, 2016

Lost Giraffe

Lost Giraffe
Answers to the name "Snuggles"

May be frightened and hungry.  He was last seen on Monday.  I am worried that he may wonder a long way from home looking for food.

Snuggles is a male.  He is about 18 ft. tall with large brown spots.  He is friendly and not at all aggressive although he does not like pigs.

He was wearing a blue collar with his name and address on it when he went missing.  I had let him off of his lead for a run.  I still have his lead.

I miss him so much.  There is a reward for information leading to me getting him back. 
Please help.

H/T to John McGowan

from Florida - The lost giraffe is at --- Toys R Us!

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