Friday, April 29, 2016

Enter Alabama at Your Own Risk

They're animals!

This morning's Daily Mail (UK) has a brief article about an Alabama man who shot the teenager who was pranking him by covering his front yard with toilet paper.  Shot him!  No charging the front yard, waving his arms and shouting, "Stop!"  Straight for the pistol.  Southerners may be typified as "laid back" - but clearly not in Alabama. 

And speaking of toilet paper and related matters,  Oxford, AL, officials passed a city ordinance that people wishing to use a public bathroom must use the designated facility that their sex at birth dictates.  In other words, your original material, no after-market add-ons. 

Since the population figure for Oxford is +/- 21,000, I'm talking to the three or four (estimated) transgenders that live there.  Spring for a box of adult diapers and never use a public bathroom again.  Let'em wonder.  Y'all are welcome.

Comment from a Lady in Illinois - My effort at being a comedian about this is to remark on how much longer lines to the women's restroom will be when guys realize how much nicer ours are!

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