Sunday, April 3, 2016


Not a good start ... Air France e'd and asked Richie to check in.  They made no mention of me.  I freaked, called the long-suffering Peggy at Zen Travel who said that Delta, (AF partner) in it's wisdom gave us separate reservations.  No luck finding me there so the hell with it, we'll check in tomorrow. 

Leaving Monday  - 3:20 p.m. flight that lands at 11:10 a.m. Tuesday.  It's 10 1/2 hours there;
11:1/2 home.

Today's exchange rate is 1 Euro = $1.14 US.

"Today" is actually Sunday night and I am frothing with excitement.  Pardon (ParDOHN).

Will download Richie's camera into Michelle's computer and, hopefully, send pictures. 

Assuming, of course, there are no suicidal terrorists on board to blow us up or the Muslims who work at Charles De Gaulle haven't blown up the airport which seems unlikely even to me, the Nervous Nellie of the Skies.

As have flown AF before and swilled down nothing but champagne, have confidence that someone at Delta knows I will be aboard and stocked the champagne cabinet accordingly.   I've got the Valium in my purse.*

*Joking.  My doctors don't trust me with Valium.    They saw the profit I made vending the leftover Oxycontins from hip surgery. 

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