Monday, April 18, 2016


Versailles entrance parking lot.  This was shot on Monday because Sunday, the place was  packed.  You couldn't even see Versailles for all of the tour buses

This is a restaurant on the grounds of Versailles.  it's famous for hot chocolate, of all things.
Richie shot 336 photos and am going to throw up a couple of them at random until I can sort my way through ... this restaurant and the meal that went with it; scenic views and where they were ... very hand to mouth, but damn!  That's a helluva lot of shots!

Photos by Richard W. Murphy     1st North American rights

Mussels are very popular in the seaside towns.  These are from La Central, Trouville

Deauville beach

The French apparently LOVE carousels; we saw them at tourist attractions and in shopping malls.

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