Saturday, April 30, 2016

Idle Speculation and Vague Complaints

Every now and again, "the World" gets to me and I find myself forced to make mention of particulars and peculiarities that ... annoy me.  Today is the day for that. 

Unmitigated Gall
I direct that comment to the illegal aliens who have the nerve to violently protest a Presidential candidate because the candidate proposes that they come into our country legally.  That is just going so far past the pale as to be invisible.  In my Perfect World, every one of them would have been forced to show legal permission to be here and if said paperwork was missing, bust 'em and deport 'em then and there.  This, by the way, applies to ANY Presidential candidate, not just Trump.

Speaking of whom, however peripherally, one of the commentators on the Website has nicknamed him "Dawnie Frumples" which I think is hilarious.

A Modest Proposal for a New National Holiday
Today is Willie Nelson's 83rd birthday.  Need I say more?

The Opening Note of a Symphony?
This morning's newspaper ran a largish photo of Vice President Joe Biden and Pope Francis shaking hands at the Vatican and looking quite matey.  The Pope was blessing Biden's war on the type of cancer that killed Biden's son. 

Various political columns and columnists have speculated that Biden is biding his time (sorry, couldn't resist) only to come out of the Presidential gate late and defeat Hillary Clinton.  Could this be that opening parry?

BTW, Hillary ...
Womens' Lib has been over with for the past 20 years.  Pick a new  hobbyhorse; that one's dead. 

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