Sunday, April 24, 2016

How Crazy Is Los Angeles?

Long billed as the land of flakes, fruits and nuts, perhaps the particular zaniness that takes place here has been forgotten or overlooked by residents outside of the State.  Here are gentle reminders...

We can get marijuana deliveries.  Speed Weed is said to circumvent Proposition D that regulates dispensaries.   Meanwhile, a Seattle-based firm - Leafly - is moving into our territory with billboards promising not only a timely delivery but as well information on various brands.

Clearly calling for a pizza is now completely eclipsed in coolness.  A marketing genius for a pizza place should be On This.  "First Speed Weed, Then Call Us For a Pizza! 10% Discount for Speed Weed and Uber Customers."

Art Lover?  Do pay a visit to the Croatia Museum of Broken Relationships, a collection subscribed to by various interested parties sending personal stories and artifacts to this museum for inclusion. 

It's located in the previous HQ of Fredericks of Hollywood.  There is, of course. a certain irony in that. 

Source:  May Los Angeles magazine

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