Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Split Personality of the Chateau Marmont

The hotel consists of 63 rooms and suites and it's small possibly because it was built in 1927 and there were far fewer people wanting or needing a place to stay.  Over the years, its quirky charm has appealed to writers (F. Scott Fitzgerald, Fran Leibowitz), actors, directors and rock stars.   Janice Joplin and John Belushi died here.

New-ish owner Andre Balazs, 57, went through a lot of red tape to buy it as it is under historical protection.  And this is part of the split personality.  I noted that in the Ladies room both of the sinks had cracks, but the light fixtures were the mother-of-pearl push buttons of a much earlier era.  In the 87 years of its existence, don't you think anyone else noticed this?  It's a funny place to save money.  Women are notoriously picky about bathrooms. 

The '20s and '30s  -era furniture used in the interior are all sort of musty looking --as if a cloud of dust would puff up if you thumped yourself down in one.   The patio tables and chairs are woven plastic "cane." 

Because it is a working hotel with (presumably) guests, visitors to the place are not allowed to see the pool, cabanas or bungalows.  The patio where we settled for lunch was spacious and conversation was muted.  All very civilized..

But how about the food? 

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