Friday, June 13, 2014

Do You Suffer From Triskaidekaphobia?

Don't worry - fear of the number 13 isn't usually contagious.  Today IS Friday the 13th and curious about the origins of this "terror," I went looking.

There wasn't even Friday the 13th fear until 1869 when Rossini died on that day.  Improved news circulation insured that (eventually admittedly) every one was whispering, "Poor Rossini, he died on Friday the 13th!"

"Twelve" is considered the "good" number - the months in a year, hours in a day, tribes of Israel, years of the Buddhist year and zodiac signs to name only a few. 

Fridays in general have been considered bad luck since the Canterbury Tales came out.  No one started a journey or got married on a Friday because in medieval times, Fridays were also the Hangman's day to go to work.  In France, when extremely annoyed, one will yell, "Merde a la puissance treize."  English:  shit to the 13th power!

Today the airlines claim no fewer passengers on Friday the 13th, but the police say that there are fewer accidents.   Superstitious people stay home, but consider the fact that most accidents occur IN the home.

Happily there's only one this year and today is it. 

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