Thursday, June 12, 2014


An unfamiliar word to anyone under 40, but it means to receive a piece of mail and respond to it by typing a response, addressing an envelope, sealing said response in the envelope, putting proper postage on the envelope and putting the envelope in a mail box.  I know, unnecessarily complicated when you can just e someone with a few keystrokes.   But you would miss the opportunity to be obnoxious in a dignified way. 

Food & Wine
P O Box
Des Plaines, IL

Please Be Advised

I did not order this book; your firm sent it to me on spec.  Not wanting the book, I promptly returned it to Food and Wine Books.

Am not about to pay (1) for something I did not order or (2) $38 for a re-hash of recipes in previous issues.

Do not trouble me about this matter again.  If you decide to pursue it, know now that I will never pay it and, further, I will have to take certain steps.

Nina Murphy

AARP Medicare Rx Preferred
P O Box
Hot Springs, AR

Ref.: Member ID

Dear Sirs:

Please cancel the above policy.

I have paid your premiums (which I believe started at $18/month) for some years.  I am now paying $50.10 per month for absolutely nothing.

The last straw was when I received a letter informing me that I am no longer eligible for a non-generic drug -- for which your firm has never paid in the first place!

Faced with that kind of gall, I can only react by withdrawing my (tepid) support.  Expect no further payments from me as they will not be forthcoming.

Nina Murphy

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