Sunday, June 22, 2014

Some Measuring Required - French Summer Drinks

These are classics, particularly in Provence where the summers are scorching. 

The Two Kirs
The everyday kir (pronounced like "deer") is a white wine like Pinot Grigio with a shot of black current liquor, called "cassis" and served in a champagne flute.

A Kir Royal is made with a shot of Cassis in a champagne flute; fill with Champagne or( if you're economizing,) prosecco.

Everything is Peachy Keen!  Let's have a Bellini!
1 bottle Amour de Paris peach champagne
I bottle peach juice
(Both available at Trader Joe's)
 Put a shot of peach juice in a flute and fill with Amour de Paris peach champagne. 

The Classic
Pastis (a licorice-flavored liqueur) which is drunk with gusto and sometimes breakfast all through Provence.

You will need a tall glass (until you get used to measuring the amount of pastis you like. )  The usual set up is an ice bucket and a pottery pitcher for the water.  My pitcher even has "Pastis" written across its belly - talk about job specific....
  All you need now is the booze. 

Pour  a finger of pastis into the empty glass.  Add cold water - it will look milky -- you want this -- and then ice and sip to taste. Too much pastis?  Add more water. 
 Pastis is available at Bev-Mo in the $25/big bottle range.  .
All of these drinks are meant to be adjusted by you as to strength of drink.

If all of the above is just too much bother, reach for the bottle of icy cold rose.  Because it is served very cold, don't waste money on a "good" rose.   The box version is plenty good. 

A bientot!

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