Sunday, June 1, 2014

Art at the Beach

The beach cities do have an interest in the arts although given our bicycles and flip flops, laid-back style you might never suspect it.  Art shows don't exactly abound except for such stalwarts as the Malaga Cove weekend outdoor painting exhibits which are held one weekend a month through the summer.  Hermosa Beach has an annual Art Walk, again outdoors in the area surrounding the Community Center.

An artist friend alerted me to something of a gala that is coming up and it is this:

Organically At Your Best, a spa, is having a potpourri of attractions on Sunday, June 8th from 1 to 4 p.m.  The spa is located at 830 Torrance Boulevard, Redondo Beach  (310) 540-1543

Four prominent local artists' will be there with representations of their style and ready explanations for it.  There will be free refreshments and snacks, a drawing for an expensive spa package and quite possibly live music.

Be sure to see Lerri Peterson's art; we are lucky enough to have one of her paintings and we love it. 

I like the idea of combining  beauty types:  personally or on a canvas.   Kind of kooky to have an art show at a spa gala, but then again ... think about it.   Innies and outies. 

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