Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Overcome: Fear of Faux Lobster Lumpia

Yesterday we stopped in at Fish Shop for lunch.  I was in a very good mood, having ravaged and looted Talbot's for a pair of white pants and a killer navy blue dress.  The occasional foray into Shopping Warrior mode is good.

And, high on the thought of myself in my new killer navy dress, I decided that even if the lobster was  hake, well, hell, it wouldn't kill me.  I might have the added pleasure of rubbing the defective dish into the waitress' hair!  Whee!

Speaking of whom, they don't have wait service there.  They have "runners."  After you have stood in line, given your order and been given a number for the table top, you find one to your liking and sit until he/she runs the food out to you.  Usually, they bring a paper napkin-rolled knife and fork.  You've already gotten your own water.  The cashier handles the beer and wine servings.  Perhaps the runner is a bit of a dipsomaniac? 

She was different.  The uniform is a dark shirt and decent-length shorts.  The legs of the shorts ended about 3 in. below her pudendum and were longer in the back; not cheeky at all.

But:  descending from underneath the back leg's hem were two large, tattooed cherries and green stems, for all of the world as if she was wearing a garter belt beneath her shorts - minus the stockings. 

What could the shorts possibly be hiding in the way of the rest of the tattoo?  Speculation occupied me until the food arrived.

The lobster lumpia were crisp, halved on the diagonal  and the dipping sauce was very good - spicy and sweet.  The lumpia wrapper held rice, seasonings and presumably the pinky-grey bits were lobster.  I'd order it again.  But not the onion rings - the beer-battered variety which are puffy and filled with grease.  The ranch dressing served with them was milky rather than creamy.

Richie ordered the large grilled shrimp taco which came with a cabbage slaw and not all that much chopped shrimp.  Richie later speculated that they use one big prawn - for 10 tacos. 

The tab came to $23.98 and covered:  two lumpia, onion rings, one grilled shrimp taco, one Stella and a glass of water for me. 


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