Monday, June 2, 2014

Computer Fun

H/T to Mike of the Mountains, who sent me a list of computer programs to amuse.  None of them are vital to our lives,, but it amuses me to see how creative people can be and how many things  are clearly someone's work who had oceans of time on their hands.   

Account Killer - Promises to take you completely off of social media sites such as Face Book, etc. instead of the site just putting you in storage.  Since I'm not on any social media, it's of no value to me.

Date to Date Calculator - Now this was handy.  If you go from April 25, 1940, to June 16, 1941, as I did, you will find that I am 417 days older than Richie or one year, one month and 22 days.  I needed to know that.   Make your own comic strip.  Site owners believe it to be addictive, but I didn't even try it; too used to working with words alone.

Ripe Track - type in a fruit or vegetable and up will pop a bar graph showing you in color (green, yellow, pink) where the item is in seasonal age.

Two Foods Instant Food Comparison - wavering between a donut (incidentally this Friday is National Donut Day) or a banana?  Type the two words in and sit back.  But I think we all know that a banana is better for you than a donut so this site is kind of ... unnecessary.

Online Etymology Dictionary - Now this site would be not only interesting to me but useful, too.   I rarely use Roget's Thesaurus; don't need to flip through the French-English dictionary that often (Michelle, you never write!) but words - just for themselves - do interest me.     

You are now free to go exploring.  Every day that we learn something is a good day.

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