Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Touch and Go Situation


Hermosa Beach late this afternoon moved the date for the parade until Saturday, 3/24.

For once in a very long while, the Hermosa Beach annual St. Patrick's Day parade is scheduled for Saturday, March 17th. The parade has often had to be on the closest Saturday to the 17th.

I thought this was a good omen. Until I read the weekend weather forecast. Slight rain Friday, rain Saturday and thunderstorms on Sunday.

The City of Hermosa Beach added the line "Rain or Shine" to their City Website so ... apparently the parade is a go, no matter what. What is questionable is whether or not, we will be.

Standing in the rain, the inevitable drip down the back of your collar...dodging other people's umbrellas...
On the other hand it is sure to cozy and dry in the Poopdeck. But I think the people watching will be pretty much non-existent.

Hey, what the hell -- I've never seen a parade in the rain. It could provide new sources of amusement. The politicians quivering under umbrellas in the vintage convertibles used to transport them; rain streaking their identifying signs on the doors... in fact, I sense a tremendous photo opp!

Bring it on!

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