Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Dreams of Avarice and Pure Greed

I had a great streak of luck lately. A fellow writer engaged me to do a line edit of his 400 page novel for the princely sum of $500! You may be assured I accepted readily. In fact, I'd barely finished reading his e-vite to financial wealth, when I'd sent back, "Sure." (Didn't want to appear anxious. "YES!" might have seemed a tad... well, you know.)

He delivered the MS and I am now on chapter 3, having begun the job this morning. A rainy day is perfect for this kind of operation. I have occupied the dining room table and am hard at it.

However: when I divided 400 pages by $500, I found I was working for eight cents a page! This doesn't seem right to me - I would have figured $1 per page and 1/24th of a cent instead.

But that is of no concern to me. What is making dollar signs in my fevered brain is this:
Come April, 2013, I will have income as a writer to report!

Why is this such a big deal? you ask? Because I can write-off a new computer and a new printer and all the paper I used up over this year as well as printer ink, postage...

I don't have to show a profit, I just have to prove that I earned money, working as a writer. Our accountant (the very able Les Paver, Beverly Hills) will plotz.

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