Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Could Everyone Just Sit Down, Shut Up and Think?

I was appalled to see that a group calling itself the "New Black Panther Party" was offering a $10,000 bounty on one George Zimmerman who was involved in an episode with the late Trayvon Martin more than a month ago. So I went to Google...

Wickipedia says the group was founded in 1989 in Dallas, TX, by Aaron Michaels. The Party's idealogy is: Black nationalism, Pan-Africanism (whatever that is,) anti-Zionism (sadly, I do know what this is,) anti-imperialism which is howlingly funny to me. If you go with them, imperialism - theirs - is dandy! Tsk, tsk, isn't that always the way with the zealots.

Before the bounty offer, several members were arrested in Philadelphia during the 2008 presidential election for voter intimidation.

Yesterday the leader (not going to give him more publicity by using the name) issued the insultingly paltry sum of $10 grand for "a legal citizens arrest" of Zimmerman, adding "I don't obey the white man's law, I don't follow the American law."

Meanwhile the "real" Black Panthers have their knickers twisted into knots and want all to know that New Panthers have nothing whatsoever to do with Old Panthers (many of whom must be Graying Panthers by now.)

The Anti-Defamation League and the US Commission on Civil Rights both consider the group as a "hate group." My question to them is, "Why don't you consider the Rev. Al, Jesse Baby and Maxine Waters as "hate individuals?" The LA Times described these men as "community leaders" which begs the question, "Where is their community? Inside a plane, flying in to lead yet another demonstration?" I want a map to their community! Let's all tour Sharptonville, Jesseland and Maxinela.

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