Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Cranky Day

I had an eye doctor appointment this morning. They dilated my pupils. I hate this more than the ob/gyn exam (and I'm no fan of that either.)

Richie went with me to drive afterward. Of course, I could see, but I felt like I couldn't. My brain veers toward the nearly-clinical insane on some things.

During the wait for the eyes to dilate, I noticed my wristwatch battery had died. Maybe it doesn't like eye doctor offices either and this was a protest or a sign of slidarity with me. We'll never know.

So, post-appointment we went to the jewelry store in the Nordstroms Mall. They replaced the battery in less than five minutes and it only cost $15.

By now we were both hungry so we went into the Red Robin resto we had to pass to get back to the car. I probably shouldn't review a restaurant when I'm as cranky as a bag of weasels, but I will.

I would rate Red Robin as about three jumps down from a TGIFriday's but without as an inventive a menu selection. My turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomatoe, avocado on a croissant was cold. Toasting the croissant would have been a nice touch. Richie ordered their Gourmet Hamburger and pronounced it "juicy, good enough" and ate it all. His cole slaw pushed the needle over on "sweet."

This Red Robin has been in this location, probably since they built the mall. Thus I am wrong and others are right.

Which doesn't make me any less cranky, but at least I can see again.

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