Monday, March 5, 2012

A Profitable Day

I would define a profitable day in this way -- glorious weather, an interesting destination and a scenic route to take to get there. Yesterday was such a day ...

Friends had invited us to the Zack Gallery to see "Lost and Profound Art" but we didn't want to go to the reception (despite the probability of free wine and cheese) because with 14 artists showing it would have been a melee. We wanted to be polite and able to tell those friends specifics about it, not generalities.

Getting there involves driving along the seacoast - tons of people on bikes, walking (with or without dogs) and even some foolhardy swimmers. The sea was fairly flat and teeming with sail boats. Then we turned inland and drove through Palos Verdes, an area of well-landscaped yards and spotless, big houses. I had thought there might be horseback riders on the bridal path that is located between the two lanes of the wide boulevard. No such luck, but glorious views from time to time of the entire Los Angeles basin. It's like being up in a small plane...

The gallery is located in a posh shopping mall. Lots of families sitting at the open air tables eating sandwiches or ice cream cones from one of the small restaurants. Children ran boisterously; adults gossiped languidly.

The collection at the gallery didn't take very long; many of these artists work in small figures. One of the exhibits was: a vast collection of empty or nearly-empty liquor bottles, all huddled beneath a new-looking bathmat! The artist wrote that he was describing his insecurities and fears.

On the way back to the car, I noticed that Talbott's (women's clothing) was having a sale so quick as a weasel I darted in and bought a pair of $80 pants reduced to $34! How cool is that?

We motored stately back down The Hill under blue skies and warm breezes. The eucalyptus trees seemed to be nodding, "Goodbye - do come back and see us again."

Back down on the flatlands we occupy, we sauntered in to Baskin-Robbins and had sundaes. That treat finished our profitable day and the sundae will probably finish any chance I'll be able to get into my new pants.

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