Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fixing A Sandwich

As I am far too cheap to throw away food, I took yesterday's bacon, turkey, tomato, avocado on a croissant leftover half home. Before dinner last night, I deconstructed it as follows: removed the split croissant and put it in the toaster oven. While that was happening, I piled the turkey and (now soggy) bacon into a pile and chopped it up. When the croissant slices emerged, I "buttered" them with the soft avocado, piled the chopped meats and tomatoe slices back into the croissant and ate it. It was a damned sight better than what it was at lunch.

Be creative with sandwiches...cut a length of baguette or ciabbata for the size sandwich you want to eat. Split that and toast it. When it emerges, give it a good dowsing with Italian salad dressing, pile on chicken or turkey breast meat and a slice of sweet onion, peppered salami slices and what the hell -- a sprinkling of jalapeno pepper chips. I think this works because the deli-bought turkey or chicken breast meat has very little flavor. It can be the mayonnaise in your sandwich!

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