Saturday, March 3, 2012

Overkill Alert!

And that would be "Cleanliness is next to Godliness." I'm referring to the article on the front page of today's LA Times ( The article diagrams a new trend among the super rich among us -- multiple bathrooms.

Profiled was Sandra Beltre, wife of former Dodger player Adrian Beltre. The couple has 16 bathrooms in their Bradbury home. All of the bedrooms have en suite bathrooms, plus: a bathroom off of the children's play room, the kitchen, the game room, the gym, the batting cage and the guest house has two more. There are his and hers bathrooms in the pool cabana area and one in the gardens of the 4-acre property. Beltre was traded; this 16,600 sq. ft. house is now for sale for $19.5 million.

"Pickfair," (the former home of Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. and wife Mary Pickford) has 25,000 sq. ft. and 30 bathrooms for 17 bedrooms. If this sounds interesting to you, the price tag is $60 million.

"A house in Bel Air" (no owner specified, but I'd bet is the former Spelling mansion) was built in 1985 with 15 bathrooms. Today there are 41 bathrooms inserted here and there in the house.

Real estate agents made various comments:
Boyd Smith: the idea is never to inconvenience yourself or a guest.
Konstantine Valissarkos said he had a buyer that would only inspect homes with 15 bathrooms or more. He entertained a lot.
Bret Parsons once had this delilghtful experience. He was showing a wealthy husband and wife through properties and the husband insisted on sitting on each toilet in every bathroom to see how it felt. Presumably he remained clothed while testing.
Felix Penn quipped that with that many bathrooms, you need a fulltime plumber!

Still ... isn't it worth it to spend a little to keep nosy guests out of your bathroom cabinet?

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