Monday, March 15, 2010

(Temporarily) Dashed Hopes

I was hoping for a bloodless Shootout at the OK Corral at yesterday's jazz club event. It didn't happen, but here's what did happen ...

We (the nameless) privately call the resident good dancers the Dancin' Fools or Fools for short. Yesterday they faced a challenge -- new members who are slicker'n calf slobber on a door knob.
Promptly named "the Newbies."

From ringside -- First out are the Fools -- they're swooping, gliding; see how he smiles as he turns his head to Just the Right Angle... they bow appreciatively as the music ends and they return to their table.

But wait! What comes nigh? It is the Newbies! Their steps are slow, deliberate; they gaze intently into each other's eyes. Wow! I can't believe the move she just busted on him! As she stepped backward, she hooked her knee behind his -- just for a nanosecond, but it was bawdy beyond all belief! The music ended and he slung her Apache-dance style across his hip and slooowly done his leg toward the floor.

We have contendahs!

All through the afternoon, the couples alternated on the dance floor. Emboldened by a passionate curiosity (and well-fueled with Stella) I said to the male Fool, "I was expecting a dance-a-thon! (growl) a mano a mano!" He merely grinned.

Now none of this superlative dancing had gone ignored. The band struck up a lively number and two new couples took to the floor! Hand in hand, they did a sort of schottische (at speed) around and around the floor! This should let Them know they aren't alone on the floor!

Caught up in the madness, Richie insisted we join them. Richie's dance style has been most aptly described as "frog in the blender" so let's draw the veil...

The Fools and the Newbies never were on the floor together ... but as the Newbies slid sexily along across the floor, I noticed the Fools practicing a new step in the back of the room ... To Be Continued, post April meeting.

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