Saturday, March 6, 2010

Near and Far...

Nothing exciting going on this weekend except "intermittent rain," but that's okay because next weekend is going to be great!

Saturday, March 13th - free! The Hermosa Beach St. Patrick's Day Community Parade. It begins at 11 a.m. (don't worry if you're late; they've never started on time) at the intersection of Ardmore and Pier Avenue

This parade definitely looks "made at home by loving hands." Bagpipers in kilts skirl along; Irish setter owners tie green bandanas to the dogs' collars and march; local dance school moppets "dance." For years there's been a group of ... well-nourished... older ladies who wear full skirts and petticoats, peasant blouses and clogs. They wave their skirts around more than they dance, but hey! It's the spirit of the thing!

The black lady who dresses up like a native American and rides a chestnut horse was missing last year; hope she makes it back this year. The Budweiser Drill Team marches in formation pushing hand carts with (empty) cases of Bud. "Green Elvis" on a go-kart amuses and many of the "floats" (aka pick-up trucks) toss out hard candy to the kids along the route.

Traditionally, the HB hi-rise fire truck closes the parade, but the City has torn up the middle of Pier Avenue (to put in planters or some such damned nonsense) so perhaps the truck will have to zigzag so that all can see them?

Sunday, March 14th - monthly South Bay New Orleans Jazz Club meeting.

My cousin Daniel Kamas is making a solo appearance (free!) at the annual Austin South By Southwest music festival. SXSW (as it is less formally known) is a Very Big Deal.

Daniel will be performing at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 20th at Guero's Oak Garden on Congress Street.

You can watch Daniel perform right in your very own home. He's a handsome devil! Just Google "Daniel Kamas" and visit any of his several sites.

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