Friday, March 19, 2010

No, I'm Not With the Band, BUT I KNOW THE AUTHOR!

"Portia's Incredible Journey" by Emma L. Price ELP Books 140 pages $9.95

Portia is an 11 year old diagnosed with diabetes. Price best explains her situation on the back of the book: "You want me to stick myself with a needle? I can't! It's not fair! Why me?" (Portia to her parents.)

Portia is not only faced with self-injections but a series of family crises as well. A tornado figures in the mix! Portia remembers her grandmother's words -- "Life's a succession of storms that makes us grow stronger" but that doesn't begin to explain her situation to her.

Price is a retired elementary school teacher as well as a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother so she knows children! She read the book to us (the South Bay Writers Workshop,) chapter by chapter, and her book -- written for children -- kept a roomful of adults captivated. That's how strong Price's writing style is.

In fact, you can meet her at the up-coming LA Times Book Fair where she has taken a booth.

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