Monday, March 22, 2010

Problem and Possible Solution

A married couple for many years has a slight problem. He's an avid golfer; she's not. She would love to visit Italy; he wouldn't. So I suggest they both read "The Italian Summer; Golf, Food and Family at Lake Como" by Roland Merullo A Touchstone Book 259 pages $24.99

Merullo writes for Golf Digest, Golf World, Links, Travel + Leisure Golf. He's an American of Italian descent and loves all things Italian. He and his wife took their little girls to Lake Como for the family's summer vacation.

Merullo describes the traffic (horrendous,) the food (delicious) and several golf games (hole by hole) which I skipped.

The husband will enjoy reading about the courses, game played, players, etc. Apparently if a golfer is into it enough, they will read with joy someone else's account of a game. The logic of this escapes me.

Men, in my limited experience, all seem to like food. The wife will get a true feeling for the country and its people. And perhaps they will both get their wish - he to play golf; she to visit Italy.

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