Thursday, March 25, 2010

Making Do With Whatcha Got

Richie reads the Trader Joe flyers and makes a shopping list. He gets caught up in their prose just like a lot of other folks do. Last night he wanted to eat one of his purchases, the Trader Joe's Manicotti with Wild Mushroom Marinara Sauce for dinner.

I had about 6 oz. of hamburger meat leftover and told him I'd make a sorta Bolognese sauce with it to go with the manicotti. Got out two strips of bacon and cut them into 1 in. slices and started them br0wning. Diced a couple of slices of onion; peeled two garlic cloves and minced them. Threw all of the above into the skillet and turned to the refrigerator to get the hamburger.

Except "my hamburger" had turned into leftover beef sirloin strips (which hadn't worked out at all well when I first used them - tough.) So I threw them out. I got out the "Better Than Bouillon" (which isn't - salty) and, adding hot water, made about a cup of that. I added it to the mixture and let it simmer down and thicken.

The bacon, onion and garlic blended right in with the mushrooms -- kind of an earthy taste -- and it was all good together.

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