Friday, March 5, 2010

Just Another Friday Afternoon...

We'd run errands and were headed home. Ricchie pulled into the lot of the mini-grocery store on Aviation - Rockview Farms, in case you know them. He went inside and a moment later, he came out, ignored the car and went around the corner of the building.

Seconds behing him, the young manager came bolting along, dialing 911 as he ran. Richie said that a guy in a blue Bronco came around the corner too wide and ploughed into the back of the building (stucco and chicken wire construction from what I could see. He just missed a huge complex of water pipes.)

I heard the manager telling 911 that he knew the guy - he was a frequent customer. Of the guy? Not a trace, not a blue paint chip or chrome fleck on the wall.

The Gift
Our mail lady, Joanne, brought a package. I knew what I'd ordered on the sly had come in.

Last Sunday, Richie clipped a bit out of Travel, LA Times to show me. It was a sort of security stole with four pockets and a pair of straps to anchor it to your belt or pants loops. The smaller pockets are for your cell phone and iPod; the bigger pockets are for your passport, cash, checkbook and keys. These pockets zip shut. He is delighted with it! Their Website is

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