Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Oscars! (yawn)

Nearly 30 years ago, "the Oscars" as we called them were fun. Crazy Suzanne, Louise the Tease, Patty the Lawyer and I would gather in one of our apartments to drink wine and critique the performers. The more the wine receded in the bottle, the more raucous our comments. We looked specifically at these categories: apparel; alcohol on board; probable drugs ingested and had a wonderful time. We were, of course, experts on all three...

Today I'm doing good to recognize Sandra Bullock and/or George Clooney. We haven't been to a cinema in years! And I don't miss paying through the nose to have my brains blown out of my ears at the volume at all. Our library has an amazing collection; until recently we had a Blockbuster very near and we've got cable TV with 5,000 channels...but more than anything else, given the state of "entertainment" today, I prefer to sit and read a book rather than be insulted senseless at the quality on offer today.

Which is not to say I'll ignore tonight's festivities. Not by a long shot. Richie is a marvelous person in many ways, but a gossipeuse he is not. Tonight, he'll read and I'll watch the Oscars ... and miss Girls Night In greatly.

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