Monday, February 19, 2018

Where, Where Shall I Spend It?

Occasionally I remember to check the numbers on my book "And the Best Blog Is: Word of Mouth."  Today was one of them.

I now have $19.20 in royalties.

If I chipped in 80 cents, I would have a whole $20.  Which would buy:

a large Valentino's plain cheese pizza and tip.

A round of Stella's at Suzy's Bar and Grill - of note - Sunday afternoons are blues and jazz except for the first Sunday of the month when Gospel is featured.

Five bouquets of flowers at the Redondo or Hermosa Beach Farmer's Markets

A box of See's Sampler chocolates except I wouldn't - it's mostly walnut cream with dark and milk chocolate.  Since it's one-third those chocolates, it's not fair to have named them "sample."  Get even with your billfold and don't buy them.

This is a paltry sample indeed.  Four things?  But then again, $19.20 is a paltry amount of money.

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