Friday, February 2, 2018

Go Fund Me (imperative command) vs. Come Help Me (gentle suggestion)

A friend has apparently fallen on harder times than accustomed and her daughter put out the command "Go Fund Me" for $7,500 in her behalf.  And then, borrowing Mama's address book, proceeded to blanket everyone on it with the same information.

I was appalled.

I grew up in the Midwest and there the custom is to offer something in return when you ask for something.  Life is not a free ride in a limousine somewhere nice for us Midwesterners.  Doesn't mean we're right and everyone else is wrong.  Not by a long shot.  Just that we get it that there's no free lunch.  After all, our training started as toddlers - we left a plate of cookies and our parents poured the glass of milk for Santa.

What if there was an additional program called, oh, what about?  "Come Help Me?" (with the question mark to soften it.)

The requestor could say, "My health has gotten so bad that I cannot:

Walk the dog
Scrape and stack my dishes
Grocery shop
Change the sheets and towels
Drive to the doctors' offices

Thus the helper could set up a dog walking schedule for three or four people so that no one gets it every day  And they could bring their own dog for a play date which might amuse the captive dog a little bit.

Buy a gross of paper plates, napkins, soup bowls at a restaurant supply place (Smart & Final) and simply toss them after one use - and don't forget someone who takes the trash to the curb on the right day.

Have a friend or relative set up an account with a supermarket that delivers on a charge basis.  Not handing the delivery guy a $100 bill which could be dangerous to your continuing health.

Dial-a-Ride does door-to-door doctor appointments for $1?  Or 50 cents?  It is a minimal price and cabs seem to have a senior fare, too.

Anyhow.  The point of Come Help Me is that no money changes hands.  

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