Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Toughest Guy In Virginia?

He survived WW2 AND the Korean War.
Served as Secretary of the navy from 1972 to 1974
Was a Senator, R, from 1979 to 2009.

So much for war stories.

He was clever enough to marry Catherine Mellon, daughter of famed (and insanely rich) art collector Paul Mellon with whom he had three kids.  Even if he doesn't inherit, the kids are taken care of for the foreseeable future.

He married Jeanne Varder in 2003 and she is his current spouse.  She is a widowed real estate agent.

But this  is where greatness comes in - he was married to Elzabeth Taylor from 1976 to 1982 and was her sixth husband.  This was the period in her life when she fattened up like a shoat and was rarely seen on the political hustings with him without a fried chicken leg in one hand and a drink (alcoholic) in the other.  I don't remember a lot of stories about her generosity to others; conversely I do remember the Burton jewelry, chartered planes to bring her Chasen's chili wherever she happened to be in the world... what would be known in farming circles as "a hard keeper."  But ... look who is 91 and who isn't...

                                          HAPPY 91st BIRTHDAY JOHN WARNER!
                                             February 18, 1927 - February 18, 2018

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