Monday, February 5, 2018

I Won't Make the NY Times Book List Anytime Soon ...

A friend remarked that his book was number so-and-so on the list.

This was news - that this information existed and that I could see it.  So I found out how to do it and did.  It is not heartening news.  On the other hand it could probably be worse.  Most things are when you get all the way down to the nitpicking.

The "all of the books we sell" category puts me at  #4,997,633.  Yes four million, nearly five million away from #1.  Good thing that long lives run in the family, true; but doubtful that Methuselah could live long enough to make the top 5,000.

But!  Help is on the way (sorta.)  In the Humor Books section I am ranked #7,614 - quite possibly out of 7,615 total.

If nothing else the distance between the two numbers above makes me feel like the Homecoming Queen.  The hell with going after the impossible (i.e. nearly five million) I shall do some minor basking down in the caves of the Humor department.  Maybe they store champagne down there, too.

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