Saturday, February 3, 2018


Last night one of the 500 channels that Frontier provides to us at breathtaking cost and very little, if any, value at all decided to dust off the film cans with "Casablanca" in them as well as a cloud of rhetoric the emcee thought necessary to describe said contents.

Exaggeration or not?  You be the judge!  Such shibboleths as Best Film Ever Made!  and then expansion on that dubious theme.

The best I can give it is:  they didn't run commercials during it.

Because I was startled to hear Ingrid Bergman's beauty described in rhapsodic terms, I paid special attention to those scenes in which she was showcased.

                                            Ingrid Bergman has a nose like Pinocchio. 

By film's end I expected to see it dribbling down the front of her gown a little more after every speech.  As Dorothy Parker once remarked about Katherine Hepburn's stage debut:  Her acting covered all of the emotions from A to B.  

If ever there was a film that demanded potential ticket buyers caveat emptor, "Casablanca" is one of the Top 10.

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