Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Anderson Cooper's Mommie Is 94 Today

Mommie being the redoubtable Gloria Vanderbilt whose fame started early with a custody case between her mother and her aunt that was headline news.

Her much publicized credits include writer, painter, dress designer and stage appearances.  Let us explore these various occupations in order of their appearance ...

1948 - She began exhibiting her paintings which I would call half Pointillist and half high school art class.

1954 - She starred in a summer theatre number called "The Swan."  Guess who was the swan?

1955 - Wrote a book of poetry cleverly entitled "Love Poems."

1976 - the Gloria Vanderbilt jeans.  The back pocket trim widened a size 0 ass.  Imagine a 10 or 12.

1988 - Son Carter, somewhat disturbed, took a flyer off the 14th floor of their mansion.  She saw him do it which in fairness would be enough to put anyone in a quiet place for a very long time.

1995 - Sold her seven-bedroom Southampton estate and the five story Manhattan townhouse to pay back taxes.

1996 - by then she was ready to capitalize on Carter's death and wrote "A Mother's Story."

2002 - sells her clothing empire for $138 million.

2004 - writes a "romance memoir"

2007 - one-woman show of her paintings in a Vermont gallery.  No offense, Manchester, but you are not the Metropolitan Museum.

2009 - at age 85 she wrote "Obsession:  an Erotic Tale" (porn?  age 85?  Go, Gloria!)

2012 - "The World of Gloria Vanderbilt" which featured dream boxes, collages ... basically cut and paste jobs.  

If nothing else (insert meow here) she deserves credit for at least trying to do something instead of sitting on her fanny counting her money.  On the other hand, it is rather sad that she sold crap on the basis of the Vanderbilt name pretty much alone.

Anyhow, happy birthday!  Maybe a Gloria V candles line?  100 to a box, sold in pink only? 

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