Friday, December 1, 2017

Tempus Fugit...

Few things could remind us of our advancing ages than this morning's news that Keith Thibidoux is 67 today.

And you quirk a brow and go "?"

Keith Thibodeaux who starred as Little Ricky in "I Love Lucy" celebrates his birthday.   His 67th.  A child actor to begin with, he joined the show when he was five years old.  Big Ricky re-named him "Keith Richards" saying that "Thibodeaux" was too hard to pronounce.

All of the others in the show have died.  Keith is literally the last man standing.  When he was 21, he received $8,000 which was the last payment of the trust set up for his wages as a child.  Reports say that he spent half of it on a sports car (let us all bow our heads and acknowledge that the days when you could get a sports car for $4,000 are far behind us.)  The rest he blew on amps for the band and whatever the hell else he felt like, including drugs.

In any event, he married a ballet dancer/teacher named Kathy in 1976 and they had a daughter they named Tara who also teaches ballet.  She married Bryce Drew, who played basketball for the Chicago Bulls and the Houston Rockets.

Apparently Little Ricky is not yet a grandfather, but doesn't matter.  The initial shock has arrived.  Little Ricky is 67 today.

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