Saturday, December 23, 2017

Best of Two Worlds

Longview, TX - 12/21/17

The SWAT team appeared for their annual surprise treat for the sick kids who have to spend Christmas in the Christian Good Shepherd Medical Center.

The SWATs dress as Superman or Spider Man, or Captain America or Batman and rappel from the hospital roof to the ground, making sure to pause at the children's wing windows to wave at the kids.

Once on the ground, they interact with those children and their families in person.

The police chief says it's a great opportunity to practice any future need to rappel down a building.  (Longview has a population of 82,287 and quite possibly no skyscrapers.)

I have to wonder what their back-up plan is if any of the SWATs have an equipment failure and do a full face plant on the lawn below... Room curtains will snap shut in a heartbeat.  Perhaps a nurse is assigned to Strategic Window Treatment?

A very unlikely set of events.  Just smile because it's such a cool thing to do for sick kids.  Go, Longview!  and Superman, Spider Man, Captain America and Batman!  Merry Christmas to yawl!

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