Saturday, December 30, 2017

Author Sue Grafton, 77, Is Now "D Is For Dead"

What particularly interested me is that she was born April 24, 1940.  The day before this humble columnist was born.

Clearly astrology is a big bucket of hooey since she is famous (and rich as a result) and I am not.  Nor even close. 

But it's possible I have had more fun writing because I'm not on deadline to crank out a book every six, eight or 10 months or go on the road pushing the latest volume.   Admittedly, after a certain amount of fame and #1 selling books, that author can flaunt deadlines and stay home because he/she is a proven money maker.

For avid readers, the death of a favorite author is always a very sad thing.  I miss Robert B. Parker despite the fact that Ace Atkins ably filled in for him.  Subconsciously I worry about Stuart Woods, James Lee Burke, John Sandford, Penny Vincenza.

I think of what the Georgia Peach (a fellow barfly - more of whom in my next book "All My Rowdy Friends" )- always used to say on parting.  He'd clasp one of your hands in both of his, look earnestly into your eyes and drawl, "Don't chew nevah die, heah?"

Well, Grafton did and mystery stories with a strong female protagonist as the heroine will be sorely missed by readers all over the world.  RIP Sue Grafton.

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