Monday, March 3, 2014

Sobbing Through the Oscars

It surprised me to have to blot my eyes and blow my nose several times during the broadcast.  I was so touched by the male winners who remembered their wives and children and publicly thanked them for their help.  The spouse and brats probably had nothing whatsoever to do with what the male did to win, but that doesn't matter!  It's important to look gracious.

Taking it  'way too far there was a trio of two men and one woman and the man thanked, "Our guardian angel, our son ..." and glanced quickly up at the ceiling.  You knew that the kid was dead and likely to stay that way.

Another burst of tears occurred when I saw Kim Novak.  If she was trying to have the same face she had 40 years ago ... she needs to get her money back from the plastic surgeon fast.      

When Ellen DeGeneres sticks to straight comedy, she's good.  The selfies photo and the pizza gags were ... trying a leetle too hard. 

Richie clearly read yesterday's lament about no girlfriends to gossip with because he several times made an effort, but I could tell he was 'way out of his depth.  "Isn't that an ugly dress?" he asked, but if pinpointed as to what exactly made it ugly the poor thing wouldn't have a clue.  But I appreciated his trying.

None of the dresses were noteworthy in any way other than a certain amateurish high school prom night display.  DeGeneres looked the best and she was wearing pants!

Still and all, it wasn't as boring as it usually is so that's something, but it was by no means  Oscar worthy.

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