Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bragging Rights? Snort!

Time magazine in its wisdom decided to take a poll that would insure once and for all where the most "selfie" takers were located.  A "selfie" is a self-portrait.  One could say that, but "selfie" sounds "cute" and renders the offender as merely being winsome about their own vast vanity. 

The magazine came to the conclusions that it did by compiling a database of Instagram users who tagged "#selfie" and also posted the geographical location.

The all-time winner is a place I never heard of - Makati. a suburb of Manila.  New York was second, Miami third, Anaheim-Santa Ana was fourth and Petain Jaya, Malaysia was fifth..

Los Angeles didn't even make the Top 100.  And we're proud of it, damn it! 

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