Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Damned Shame Dominick Dunne Is Dead

The LWren Scott suicide would have been right up his alley.  He specialized in writing on celebrity misbehaviors   

Coincidentally I'm re-reading his "An Inconvenient Woman" the saga of the Alfred and Betsy Bloomingdale scandal which involved him stiffing his long-time mistress Vicki Morgan on his death bed.  She sued for palimony (and lost) and Betsy flatly refused to give her more than $40,000 (instead of the quarter million he'd promised.)  When she got out of rehab, she shared an apartment in the Valley with a sociopath who killed her with a baseball bat.  I mention this example to show what Dunne wrote about.   

L'Wren (born Laura, often called Luanne)  was an orphan adopted by a Mormon family in a little Utah town and went on to become a model and then fashion designer.  Then she hit the big time when she met Mick Jagger in 2001 or 2003 (depending on the newspaper you're reading.)  They embarked on a 10 or 13 year relationship.  At the time of her death she was 47 or 49.   Accounts vary.  Jagger's statement claims he was stunned that his "lover and best friend" did such a thing.

But:  in later accounts, we read that she was recovering from a previous "self harm" several weeks ago.

Which coincides with the leaked news that Jagger had broken up with her several weeks ago.  A "friend" said, "Jagger has blood on his hands!"

None of this would ever have caught my attention (although I was aware of the relationship) except for the fact that Scott was 6 ft. 4 in. tall barefoot and suicide by hanging herself from a door knob in the kitchen doorway that led to a balcony in her NY residence.  Today's news reveals that she used a tie (presumably a men's tie) AND a black scarf to do the job.  Apparently she was determined to go.

How the hell did a person 6 ft. 4 in. tall manage to hang themselves on a doorknob?  Dominick would have found out for us, of that you may be sure.

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