Monday, March 24, 2014

Guest Editor!

Welcome to Mile High Marcelle, our correspondent in Colorado who will point out economic truths when marijuana is legalized.


1970s - First time smoking with friends and the variety was Mexican.  It was marijuana that tasted like dirt and smelled like old grass stuck under the lawnmower.  Later the varieties sound more exotic - Panama Red!  California Gold!

1980s  Grew my own and microwaved the leaves for an immediate smoke, but it only registered a weak high.

1990 - Stopped completely

2012  Colorado voters (me included) voted to legalize it.

January 1, 2014 - Now legal to buy and  posses up to one ounce, grow up to six plants for personal use and to get high on your own property - inside the house or out in the backyard only;  the front porch in full view of the neighbors is frowned upon.

March 23, 2014    I still have not been to the stores to buy or even look.  I'm looking for a new job and businesses have the right to test you for drugs, marijuana included, and they have the right to reject you for that reason alone.

Jobs that still drug test now have to review a bigger number of applicants because potential employees flunk it.  A higher turnover means higher company costs to hire, test and maintain their own standards. 

The types of drug tests used are:  urine, saliva or hair.  The urine test  is most commonly used because it is cheap and has a longer detection time than a saliva test.  THC will be present in your body depending on your weight, body fat amount and frequency of use. 

A one-time user may show positive for 1 to 6 days; a moderate user from 7 to 13 days;  a frequent user for 15 days and a heavy user may show positive for 30 or more days.

You can buy tests at the drug store (no pun intended) but many claim they are not 100% accurate and most likely will not be the same test you will have to take.

There are stories about concoctions (cranberry juice, niacin pills) you can drink to help mask but these are not recommended as well as tips on drinking tons of water to flush out your system (not likely) and excessive exercise to burn off the fat cells that hold THC

best choice:  Stop smoking or apply for a job where creativity is never questioned.

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