Tuesday, March 11, 2014

And You Didn't Even Know You Needed These Things...

Until Town and Country magazine showed you that you do!  You do!  T & C puts out an annual Weddings issue.  Despite the fact that today is March 11th, they are clearly pushing for a June wedding.  The Boy Scouts have nothing on this publication!

Very well, let us focus on a June wedding outdoors, i.e. a backyard or estate grounds or a polo field if that's what blows the bride's gown up.  Summer fields and spike heels do not get along.  At all.  But now there's a product designed specifically for those unfortunate situations where you, the shoe wearer, must traverse treacherous ground. 

Grasswalkers.com  They are selling a clear plastic strip that has a notch on one end of it to hook your heel cap into it.  The strip extends to past the ball of the foot to provide a solid sole just like a tennis shoe would!  Isn't that clever?   Their ad suggests that you purchase pairs for all of the female guests.  Enterprising... Especially at $9 a pair for one-time use. 

Up-grading the Port-a-Potty
What good does it do to have a dance floor, a big tent with chandeliers, tables for 10 in spotless napery if you also have to have grey Port-a-Potties that are clearly visible to the guests so that they can find them?

Now there is a solution and it's called Luxury Loo, of Mattapoisett, MA.  Their solution looks like a small building in the Cape Cod shingled style that comes with the necessary plumbing as well as toilet paper, scent diffusors, bamboo flooring, solar panels, hands-free faucets and eco-friendly cleaning supplies - the lavender-scented is for the Lady's; the basil for the Men's.  The medicine cabinets are fabric-lined and might contain sun screen for a beach clam bake or bug spray for a backyard barbecue. 

A small loo is $1,750; the standard luxury is $3,000.  I would imagine this covers the use of the loos plus transportation to and from the site costs.  Visit their Website   luxury-loo.com

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